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Loyela, a name that derives from the Mongo ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo that means "bring" and Catalyst, English word for catalyst. Being a catalyst for change means teaching something new to someone or an organisation . In short, Loyela Catalyst means bringing change.
The first requirement for making a change is this awareness that tells us that something must change, that something is wrong, and that something could be better. This awareness is the spark that draws attention to the problem.

At Loyela Catalyst, we use our skills, our voices and our relationships to explore and develop innovative solutions to solve a variety of activities through conferences, strategic advice, training and various services.
Our vision is to grow and become a world leader in technology and human resources management.


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Loyela Catalyst (Pty) Ltd
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Private enterprise
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First National Bank (Fnb)
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Complete and automated administrative management for increased productivity of your HR teams. Manage the file of your collaborators and access the histories.

Employee file management

Convert any video you want into any format you need.

Our administrative management module responds to the needs of optimization and harmonization of HR processes while allowing a reorientation of HR skills on high added value missions.

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A Payroll module to easily manage the most complex payroll. Manage your payroll with a solution that integrates your organisational constraints.

Payroll Management

Convert any video you want into any format you need.

Adapted to all types of companies in the private and para-public sector, our payroll solution solves the major difficulties of pay.

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A module allowing the management of the recruitment, from the request to the creation of the contract until the transfer in pay. Entrust us with your operation Payroll.

Recruitment Management

Convert any video you want into any format you need.

It is necessary to always improve the employer image in order to attract the best potential. With candidates always more solicited, it is essential to always be more responsive and professional.

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Specialized in the design and development of cross-platform mobile applications (Android and iOS). Whether you are a large company or an innovative startup, whatever your mobile project, we are here to make your custom mobile application.

Since 2017, we have created more than 50 website for professionals, mainly large and medium-sized businesses and communities.


Proven methodology and online monitoring of your project

Whether it's a simple showcase or an extranet with collaborative work functions, we offer solutions tailored to your organization.

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Our team is always available 7 days a week to answer your questions and carry out checks 24 hours a day on the servers.


High-performance, economical and evolving offers.

Take advantage now of our offers to host your website at lower cost and guarantees of the host.

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Take advantage of our powerful search and suggestion tools to find the perfect domain name from more than 700 extensions.


Domain name and new domain extensions at the best price

One of the largest offers in terms of new extensions, with additions every week. All you need is provided with your domain name.

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This project is a documentary directed by Mitch Photographer on the inequality of revenues in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



As the development of an ecosystem around our company optimizes our business expertise and the satisfaction of our customers, we build sustainable partnerships with high added value.

Ultimate Corporation is an agency specialised in the design of logo and their graphic designers, writers, designers, bring us all their expertise on a daily basis on the creation of our customers' logo.
Any company wishing to communicate needs a logo. It is a reference for your customers and it is through him that the image of your company is conveyed. Your visual identity is paramount and will represent you for many years. That's why we provide our customers with their experience.





Satisfaction guaranteed for all our customers and partners.

Loyela Catalyst has been developed to integrate the specificities of any company whatever its field of activity. Today, more than 50 customers trust us and use our solutions on a daily basis.
  • The customer is king, it is the customer who pays the salary.

    Joel Ilofo - Loyela Catalyst
  • Your most dissatisfied customers are your biggest source of learning.

    Bill Gates - Microsoft
  • If you're focused on competitors, you have to wait for a competitor to do something. Being customer focused allows you to be more pioneering

    Jeff Bezos - Amazon

We are committed to the success of your projects by providing a team of IT experts and human resources. Our approach is based on a proven methodology, centered on a strong involvement of your teams throughout the integration project, in order to implement a solution in total adequacy with your expectations. The know-how and expertise developed over several years of existence allows us to master all aspects of the IT and human resources business, from both a functional and a technical point of view.

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